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Tennis Elbow Treatment with Synergy

What causes tennis elbow?

Pain from Tennis Elbow is caused by the development and persistence of  microtraumas along the tendon that form overtime. The condition is caused by overuse or misuse of the  extensor carpi radialis brevis – a muscle outside of the elbow which connects to the extensor tendon, used when bending your elbow. The more you bend, the more trauma the elbow experiences!

Tennis Elbow Treatment

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In recent years, many athletes have been turning to acupuncture and other forms of traditional Chinese medicine such as dry-needling as opposed to the traditional routes of western medicine. Many athletes have discovered acupuncture to be an effective, noninvasive, natural way to use their bodies’ intrinsic anti-inflammatory and healing abilities – allowing them to recover faster from symptoms and prevent their return. With acupuncture treatment, athletes are able to stay active and mobile at lower cost and with less risk.

Here at Synergy, helping athletes stay in the game and on top of their health is our specialty. If you’re struggling with Tennis Elbow, or any other sports injury, schedule a consultation appointment and see how acupuncture and holistic treatment can bring you back to the court – better than ever. 


Both Dry needling and Acupuncture can be applied to various sport injuries, and are in fact preferred by many athletes over traditional avenues to treat issues such as Tennis Elbow. Deciding which is right for you is easier than you think as well- it depends on the severity of your case, your treatment goals, and your overall health goals.

Keep in mind too – best results are produced with repeated, consistent treatment- after all, acupuncture and dry-needling function as preventative measures in addition to remedies and are more effective as either when done routinely!

Want to learn even more about tennis elbow, its causes and how holistic medicine can help? Check out our free Acupuncturist’s Guide to Tennis Elbow: