If you are an athlete looking to take your performance and recovery to the next level, our services will help you reach your goals. Having been trained in both neurofunctional and sports acupuncture, our techniques will maximize the capabilities of your musculoskeletal and nervous systems. This will result in greater feats of strength, speed, mobility and flexibility. 

Our treatments for athletic performance are based in both eastern and western philosophies, combining the best of traditional practices with science-backed modern medicine to propel athletes to new levels. At Synergy, we are passionate about providing services that will give you a competitive edge.

Over the last two decades, traditional medicine has slowly been integrated into sports medicine, with athletes such as Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Aaron Rodgers, Michael Strahan and Shaq all using acupuncture as a recovery and performance enhancing modality. After the Summer Olympics of 2016 when 23 time gold medalist Michael Phelps was shown with cupping marks all over his body, some of the greatest athletes of our time including Lebron James, James Harden, Steph Curry, Conor McGregor, Jon Jones and Bryce Harper, have since been spotted with cupping marks.

Athletic Performance at Synergy

 In recent years athletes from all levels of performance, from high school prospects to top performing professionals, have begun to rely on acupuncture and other Eastern medicine modalities to gain an edge, recover from strenuous workouts and mend sports related injuries.

Acupuncture is at the forefront of these modalities and thus is the biggest factor in athletic performance treatments. Useful in both recovery and maintenance, acupuncture’s holistic approach directs athletes’ musculoskeletal and nervous systems towards recovery using the body’s innate abilities. This gives those suffering from sports injuries an alternative option, one without negative side effects that are counterintuitive to athletic performance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The cupping craze began in 2016 when Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, was spotted covered in purple marks from cupping therapy. Shortly after, the same marks appeared on Lebron James. Since then cupping has become a common practice amongst athletes for it’s ability to remove tension, promote circulation and reduce pain, allowing the body to recover quickly. This makes cupping therapy ideal for athletes and active individuals.

The process through which dry-needling works is very similar to acupuncture, however it is preferred more by athletes for it’s targeted focus on sports injuries and ability to amplify athletic output. Dry-needling has been growing in popularity amongst professional sports organizations and is often incorporated into both training and recovery regimens. The speed and efficiency of dry needling makes it ideal for those with an active lifestyle and athletes of all levels.

Electro-acupuncture is advantageous for athletes looking to optimize their athletic performance. The addition of an electric current helps restore function to the nervous system, resulting in more powerful and responsive muscle contractions. This in turn can make you jump higher, run faster and feel stronger, everything that a true competitor desires. 

Many athletes seek IASTM for it’s ability to break down fascial restrictions, adhesions, scar tissue, muscle knots, and more. IASTM restores function in important body mechanics required by athletes of all degrees. By having a faster recovery, improved mobility and less pain, you will perform better in your given sport.

In today’s world of sports, it is not uncommon to spot a professional athlete using a percussion massager before, during and after sporting matches. Percussion therapy excels at preventing muscle soreness and tightness, as well as enhancing flexibility, circulation and stamina.