need acupuncture in Nutley, New Jersey?


Driving to Synergy for treatment? From Nutley, simply cross into Avondale via Chestnut or Centre Street, and from either take the second turn onto Passaic Avenue, then turn again onto Park Avenue where it intersects with Passaic at Yanticaw Park. Follow Park Avenue  until it becomes Kingsland in Lyndhurst. After a mile on Park/Kingsland, take a left turn onto Stuyvesant and you’ll find Synergy a block north from there.


Taking public transit? Your best bet to quickly reach Synergu is to head to the Kindsland Street at Passaic Avenue bus stop, and catch the 13t to Washington Avenue at Park Avenue stop. From there, it’s a mile down Park Avenue, followed by a left turn onto Stuyvesant – one block to the north on Stuyvesant will bring you right to Synergy.

Welcome to Synergy Acupuncture in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, conveniently located near Nutley. My name is Mike Zakko, licensed acupuncturist, and my goal is to help you achieve your health goals through holistic medicine treatments, including dry needling and cupping. I’ll help you answer important questions such as “Can acupuncture help my pain?” “Is acupuncture right for me?” and “Is my acupuncture covered by insurance?” We specialize in sports medicine and acupuncture treatments for athletes. At Synergy, we believe your greatest investment is your health.


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Acupuncture in Nutley

Acupuncture in Nutley

Looking for acupuncture near Nutley? At Synergy Acupuncture, located in Lyndhurst, we provide customized holistic treatments to enhance athletic performance and support overall well-being and health. Discover the advantages of acupuncture, schedule an appointment with us today.

Acupuncture in Nutley, New Jersey
Cupping in Nutley, New Jersey

Cupping in Nutley

What is cupping therapy and how does function? Cupping therapy is an ancient healing technique that utilizes suction cups to create localized pressure on the skin. This process encourages blood flow, releases muscle tension, and promotes overall well-being.

Dry-Needling in Nutley

At Synergy Acupuncture, we provide dry-needling services tailored to athletes and individuals experiencing muscle tension or knots. Offering swift pain alleviation and trigger point release, dry-needling also promotes blood circulation, enhances range of motion, and minimizes inflammation. Curious how dry-needling can benefit your game? Schedule an intake appointment today to see how the benefits can aid you.

Dry-Needling in Nutley, New Jersey
A young asian woman receives holistic treatment to her upper back, while lying on a table in a peaceful setting. A fern sits in the background, blurred by the camera's focus on the acupuncture needles and their elelectrical hook-up.

Electroacupuncture in Nutley

Experience the benefits of electro-acupuncture, a cutting-edge adaptation of classic acupuncture that integrates gentle electrical stimulation, at Synergy. Ideal for pain relief, inflammation reduction, and activating the body’s innate healing abilities, electro-acupuncture is a multifaceted treatment that fits into many treatment plans – schedule an intake appointment with us today to find which treatments are right for you.

IASTM in Nutley

Discover the power of IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization), a sought-after therapy utilized by many professional athletes, that addresses scar tissue, stimulates collagen growth, and accelerates muscle recovery. By utilizing a specialized tool, IASTM treatment helps identify and eliminate adhesions, scar tissue and fascial limitations in muscles, tendons and other soft tissue, providing effective and targeted relief.

A young woman receives IASTM therapy on her shoulder, presumably for a sports injury.
Percussion Massage in Nutley, New Jersey

Percussion Therapy in Nutley

Searching for effective muscle relaxation? Percussion therapy is an advanced method of massage which employs a motorized gun to produce rapid vibrations, easing tense muscles. This innovative approach not only alleviates muscle tightness and tension but also enhances local blood flow and invigorates nerves.

Microneedling in Nutley

Curious about the benefits of microneedling? This cutting-edge treatment uses fine needles to stimulate collagen and elastin production, rejuvenating your skin. With microneedling treatment, you’ll see visible improvements in your skin’s health, as signs of aging, wrinkles, fine lines, scars and uneven skin tones reduce in intensity and even disappear after multiple treatments. According to recent studies, microneedling can also enhance hair regrowth treatments!

Microneedling in Nutley, New Jersey