acupuncture in HACKENSACK, new jersey


Located in the middle of Lyndhurst, Synergy Acupuncture acts as a hub for the Northern New Jersey region, offering convenient access from surrounding neighborhoods and counties.



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Acupuncture in HACKENSACK

Acupuncture in HACKENSACK, New Jersey

Looking for an acupuncturist near Hackensack? At Synergy Acupuncture in Lyndhurst, we offer comprehensive sports acupuncture alongside many other holistic services aimed at helping our clients feel their best and perform at their peak.

Acupuncture in Hackensack, New Jersey
Cupping in Hackensack, New Jersey

Cupping in HACKENSACK, New Jersey

Interested in trying cupping therapy? Cupping therapy an ancient technique that uses suction to apply focused pressure on the skin, helping to improve blood flow and ease muscle stiffness and tension. Excellent for both mental and physical relaxation, cupping also has an effect similar to massage, alleviating stress and anxiety as well.

Dry-Needling in HACKENSACK, New Jersey

Looking for dry-needling nearby Hackensack? Dry-needling is advantageous due to its capacity to provide targeted pain relief and alleviate muscle tension by targeting trigger points. A favorite of athletes and pain patients, dry-needling excels at providing instant, all natural relief. 

Dry-Needling in Hackensack, New Jersey
A woman receives treatment for back pain. She lies face down on a massage table, with a potted fern next to a window in the background.

Electroacupuncture in HACKENSACK, New Jersey

Interested in electro-acupuncture treatment? Electro-acupuncture incorporates a slight electric current transmitted through needles during treatment – this allows for direct stimulation of specific muscles, tendons or joints. Similar to traditional acupuncture the process also encourages inflammation reduction and improved circulation. 


In need of IASTM therapy? Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a novel form of massage therapy which uses a specialized tool to isolate and treat scar tissue, adhesions, fascial limitations and other damage in muscles and tendons. 

A woman receives IASTM therapy for her shoulder, as a holistic health practitioner applies the treatment.
Percussion Massage in Hackensack, New Jersey

Percussion Therapy in HACKENSACK

Searching for a clinic that performs percussion therapy? Synergy Acupuncture offers percussion therapy as one of our many holistic services. Percussion therapy is an excellent technique for treating sore and aching muscles, as the treatment improves recovery from stress and strains, while also improving blood flow and increasing the flexibility of the muscles targeted.

Microneedling in HACKENSACK

Can’t find microneedling services in Hackensack? Come to Synergy Acupuncture in Lyndhurst, we offer expert microneedling services for skin restoration and hair regeneration. Microneedling acts as a natural, non-invasive substitute to typical skin rejuvenation treatment as well as a complementary treatment for hair regrowth therapy.

Microneedling treatment performed on a woman for skin rejuvenation