need acupuncture in FAir Lawn, New Jersey?


To head to Synergy by car from Fair Lawn, head to NJ-20 south next to Eastside Park and Patterson High School and take it to US-46 west. When 46 splits, head onto NJ-21 south, and ride that til exit 9, at Rutherford Avenue. From there, veer right onto Stuyvesant, past the Park Avenue Starbucks, and head 8 blocks south to reach Synergy.


Heading to Synergy Acupuncture from Fair Lawn by train? Head to the Radburn station and catch the MNBNP Hoboken Line til you reach Rutherford. From Rutherford Rail Station, catch the 76 Newark Penn Station Exact Fare bus line to Ridge Road at Page Avenue. Synergy is a quick walk down Page Avenue to where it intersects with Stuyvesant Avenue.

Welcome to Synergy Acupuncture in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, conveniently located near Fair Lawn. My name is Mike Zakko, licensed acupuncturist, and my goal is to help you achieve your health goals through holistic medicine treatments, including dry needling and cupping. I’ll help you answer important questions such as “Can acupuncture help my pain?” “Is acupuncture right for me?” and “Is my acupuncture covered by insurance?” We specialize in sports medicine and acupuncture treatments for athletes. At Synergy, we believe your greatest investment is your health.


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Acupuncture in Fair Lawn

Acupuncture in Fair Lawn

Looking for an acupuncturist close to Fair Lawn? At Synergy Acupuncture in Lyndhurst, we offer a wide variety of holistic services, with sports acupuncture serving as our mainstay. Schedule an intake appointment today to discover how holistic treatment can enhance and reinvigorate your life, and which methodologies are right for you.

Acupuncture in Fair Lawn, New Jersey
A man fire cups, preparing a cup for a patient

Cupping in Fair Lawn

Interested in cupping therapy near Fair Lawn? Cupping therapy is a time-honored method which employs suction to create concentrated pressure on the skin, which aids in enhancing blood circulation and relieving muscle rigidity and tension. In the same fashion as massage, cupping provides mental and physical relaxation as well, mitigating stress and anxiety.

Dry-Needling in Fair Lawn

Can’t find dry-needling in Fair Lawn? At Synergy Acupuncture, we offer dry-needling as one of our comprehensive holistic therapies. Dry-needling, preferred by athletes for it’s instantaneous relaxation and pain relief, releases trigger points and can help relax taut bands of muscle. 

A man receives dry-needling in the shoulder region
Electro-Acupuncture in Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Electroacupuncture in Fair Lawn

Searching everywhere for electro-acupuncture treatment near Fair Lawn? At Synergy, we perform electro-acupuncture on patients in need the treatment’s nerve-refreshing abilities. A favorite of chronic pain patients, electro-acupuncture can aid overworked nerves by offering them a chance to reset and return to a baseline, reducing overall pain.

IASTM in Fair Lawn

No clinics offering IASTM therapy near Fair Lawn? We use IASTM treatment for athletes, those struggling with stubborn knots and taut band of muscle, and anyone looking to loosen their muscles and enhance their flexibility.

IASTM in Fair Lawn, New Jersey
Percussion Massage from Synergy

Percussion Therapy in Fair Lawn

Looking for a clinic that performs percussion therapy near Fair Lawn? We offer percussion therapy at Synergy – perfect for posts-workout recovery, loosening and limbering overworked muscle groups, and stimulating recovery.

Microneedling in Fair Lawn

Seeking microneedling treatment near Fair Lawn? Come to Synergy Acupuncture in Lyndhurst – we provide professional microneedling services specializing in skin rejuvenation and hair restoration. Microneedling serves as a natural alternative to routine skin rejuvenation techniques. It excels at revitalizing the skin’s appearance, and can also function as a complementary treatment to boost the efficiency of hair regrowth treatment.

Microneedling Treatment