acupuncture in CLIFTON, new jersey


Positioned in the center of Lyndhurst at the intersection of Page and Stuyvesant Avenue, Synergy Acupuncture is in a prime location to accommodate clientele from Lyndhurst and all surrounding neighborhoods. 



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acupuncture in CLIFTON

Acupuncture in CLIFTON

In search of an acupuncturist close to Clifton, New Jersey? Our clinic is dedicated to offering a wide spectrum of acupuncture services, with a primary emphasis on sports acupuncture. Schedule an initial consultation to see how the holistic modalities we offer can improve your health and maximize your performance.

Acupuncture in Clifton, New Jersey
Cupping in Clifton, New Jersey

Cupping in CLIFTON

What is cupping therapy? Why do athletes seek it? Cupping therapy employs vacuum pressure to concentrate force on the skin, thereby enhancing blood flow and easing muscle rigidity and strain. Comparable to the advantages of massage, cupping fosters both mental and physical tranquility, contributing to the mitigation of stress and unease. Athletes seek cupping for it’s restorative properties, as it aids in muscle recovery and growth.

Dry-Needling in CLIFTON

Looking for dry-needling treatment near Clifton? Dry-needling is an efficient holistic treatment that has garnered attention, especially among athletes, due to its fast-acting relaxation and analgesic properties. This method of acupuncture entails inserting needles into trigger points and muscle constrictions, encouraging the release of tightness and enabling muscles to return to their innate, restful state.

Dry-Needling in Clifton, New Jersey
Electro-Acupuncture in Clifton, New Jersey

Electroacupuncture in CLIFTON

In search of electro-acupuncture nearby Clifton? Electro-acupuncture sets itself apart from conventional acupuncture by incorporating a mild electric current. Frequently employed for alleviating pain and providing focused care to distinct muscle groups, tendons, and joints, electro-acupuncture has earned recognition for delivering quick and effective outcomes.


Searching for a clinic that does IASTM near or close to Clifton? At Synergy, we employ IASTM therapy to address persistent knots and tight muscle bands. IASTM can adeptly pinpoint and mitigate problems stemming from soft tissue limitations and adhesions. This approach has demonstrated considerable success in reducing pain, augmenting the range of motion, and encouraging muscle recovery and growth by stimulating collagen production.

A women has IASTM performed on her shoulder and back
A person receives mechanized percussion massage on their calf.

Percussion Therapy in CLIFTON

Looking for percussion therapy in Clifton? At Synergy, we provide percussion therapy, a perfect remedy for recuperation following exercise, soothing tense and weary muscles, and fostering restorative mending within them.

Microneedling in CLIFTON

Seeking microneedling therapy near Clifton? At Synergy we specialize in providing microneedling services aimed at skin rejuvenation and hair regeneration. Serving as a natural substitute for skin rejuvenation treatment, microneedling successfully invigorates the skin’s appearance and functions as a supplementary method to amplify the effectiveness of hair growth remedies.

Microneedling in Clifton, New Jersey