acupuncture in Bloomfield, new jersey


Located right in the middle of Lyndhurst at the intersection of Page and Stuyvesant Avenue, Synergy Acupuncture enjoys a convenient and easily accessible position for catering to clients from not just Lyndhurst, but all surrounding neighborhoods. 



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Acupuncture in Bloomfield

Acupuncture in Bloomfield

Looking for an acupuncturist near Bloomfield? Our practice is committed to providing an extensive range of acupuncture treatments, focusing primarily on sports acupuncture. Book your first consultation to discover how the holistic techniques we provide can enhance your well-being and elevate your performance.

An acupuncturist lights a cupping cup on fire, preparing for treatment

Cupping in Bloomfield

What exactly is cupping therapy, and why do athletes seek it? Cupping therapy utilizes vacuum pressure to focus force on the skin, subsequently improving blood circulation and alleviating muscle stiffness and tension. Similar to the benefits of massage, cupping promotes mental and physical well-being, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Athletes often utilize cupping as part of a recovery regiment as it aids in muscle recovery and stimulates growth.

Dry-Needling in Bloomfield

Need dry-needle treatment close to Bloomfield? Dry-needling is an effective holistic approach that has gained popularity, particularly among athletes, for its rapid relaxation and pain-relieving benefits. This acupuncture technique involves the placement of needles into trigger points and muscle knots, facilitating the alleviation of tension while encouraging muscles to regain their natural, relaxed condition.

Dry-Needling in Bloomfield, New Jersey
Electro-Acupuncture in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Electroacupuncture in Bloomfield

Looking for electro-acupuncture within the vicinity of Bloomfield? Electro-acupuncture distinguishes itself from traditional acupuncture through the use of a gentle electrical current. Often utilized to relieve pain and offer targeted treatment to specific muscle groups, tendons, and joints, electro-acupuncture has gained a reputation for producing prompt and effective results.

IASTM in Bloomfield

Looking for IASTM in or around Bloomfield? At Synergy, we utilize IASTM treatment to tackle stubborn muscle knots and constricted muscle bands. IASTM is extremely useful in identifying and resolving issues which arise from soft tissue restrictions and adhesions. This method has shown significant effectiveness in decreasing pain, enhancing range of motion, and promoting muscle recuperation and development through the stimulation of collagen production.

IASTM in Bloomfield, New Jersey
Percussion Massage in Bloomfield, New Jersey

Percussion Therapy in Bloomfield

Seeking percussion therapy in Bloomfield? At Synergy, we offer percussion therapy, as an ideal solution for post-workout recovery, alleviating tight and fatigued muscles, and promoting restorative healing and growth within them.


Microneedling in Bloomfield

In search of microneedling near you? We offer microneedling services that focus on both skin revitalization and hair restoration. As a natural skin restoration treatment, microneedling effectively refreshes the skin’s appearance, reducing signs of aging. For hair regrowth treatment, it acts as an additional approach to boost the potency of topical regrowth solutions, such as minoxidil.

Microneedling in Bloomfield, New Jersey