Acupuncture in Belleville, New Jersey


In the center of Lyndhurst at the intersection of Stuyvesant and Page Avenue, Synergy Acupuncture offers a convenient and accessible location which caters to clientele from within Lyndhurst and surrounding areas.



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Acupuncture in Belleville

Acupuncture in Belleville

Searching for an acupuncturist nearby? Our establishment is dedicated to offering a comprehensive array of acupuncture therapies, with an emphasis on sports acupuncture. Schedule your initial consultation to explore how the all-encompassing methodologies we deliver can augment your well-being and amplify your performance.

Acupuncture in Belleville, New Jersey
Cupping in Belleville, New Jersey

Cupping in Belleville

What precisely is cupping therapy, and why do athletes seek it out? Cupping therapy uses vacuum pressure to concentrate force on the skin, improving blood circulation and recuperating muscles. Comparable to the advantages of massage, cupping fosters mental and physical well-being, reducing stress and anxiety. As part of their recovery routine, athletes frequently employ cupping as it facilitates muscle recuperation and triggers growth.

Dry-Needling in Belleville

Interested in dry-needle treatment close to Belleville? Dry-needling is an effective holistic treatment that has garnered popularity, notably among athletes, for its quick  pain-relieving and relaxing advantages. This approach entails the insertion of needles into trigger points and muscle knots, easing tension while motivating muscles to return to their natural, relaxed state.

A man lying face down on a table receives trigger point release via an acupuncturist, whose hands are shown administering a needle to the shoulder region.
A woman lies on her stomach, receiving holistic treatment for her back.

Electroacupuncture in Belleville

Need electro-acupuncture in the area near Belleville? Electro-acupuncture sets itself apart from conventional acupuncture by employing a mild electrical current. Frequently used to alleviate pain and provide targeted therapy to precise muscle groups, tendons, and joints, electro-acupuncture excels at treating overstimulated nerves and overworked muscles.

IASTM in Belleville

Need IASTM within Belleville and the surrounding area? We employ IASTM treatment to address tenacious muscle knots and tight, taut bands in need of relief. IASTM is excellent at detecting and remedying problems stemming from soft tissue restrictions, damage and adhesions. 

IASTM in Belleville, New Jersey
Percussion Massage in Belleville, New Jersey

Percussion Therapy in Belleville

In need of percussion therapy in Belleville? Synergy provides percussion therapy as a perfect resolution for post-workout recovery, easing tense and fatigued muscles, and fostering restorative healing and growth within them.

Microneedling in Belleville

Are you seeking microneedling in your area? Here at Synergy, we offer comprehensive microneedling services that concentrate on both skin rejuvenation and hair restoration. Microneedling efficiently refreshes the skin’s appearance, lessening signs of aging. In hair regrowth treatment, it serves as an adjunct approach to heighten the potency of topical regrowth solutions, such as minoxidil.

Microneedling in Belleville, New Jersey